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I’M Franklyn Rosario

Licensed Broker & Senior Field Underwriter

It's not about how much life insurance you need. It's about how much life insurance your family or loved ones need when you're not here.

I’M Franklyn Rosario

Licensed Broker & Senior Field Underwriter

It's not about how much life insurance you need. It's about how much life insurance your family or loved ones need when you're not here.

Check out rates from leading insurance companies in the country.

Check out rates from leading insurance companies in the country.

Secure Retirement Explained 

The Secure & Guaranteed Retirement Account is the fastest-growing financial tool in the retirement industry. If you are nearing retirement or in retirement, chances are you cannot afford another market

down-turn. These accounts are designed to eliminate market losses while allowing you to capture upside


Six Reasons To Consider a

Secure Retirement Account

Accumulate For Retirement

Potential to earn interest based on changes in an external index. You have the choice of several indexes and even some exclusive index options to grow your retirement income.

Protect Your Principal

Your account can earn interest based on an external index, but you’re not actually buying any stocks or shares of an index. This means the money in your account (your “principal”) is not at risk due to market losses. 

Grow Tax-Deferred

You don’t pay taxes on the interest your account earns until you take money out. This helps compound your interest, so the money in your account can accumulate faster.

Get Flexibility

Some Secure Retirement Accounts offer riders, many built into the product, to help you address specific needs. They also offer a variety of crediting methods and flexible options for receiving income.

Receive Guaranteed Income

A Secure Retirement Account is designed to provide a reliable stream of retirement income, either for a set period or for as long as you live. Some accounts even offer you the potential to get increasing income.

Leave A Legacy

Your Secure Retirement Account can pay your loved ones a death benefit if you pass away before you start taking scheduled annuity payments. (And, if properly structured, the death benefit is not subject to probate.)

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An Annuity

Benefits of Working with

Franklyn Rosario

Unlike some insurance advisors who are limited in their offerings, Franklyn partners with multiple insurance companies to provide you with an array of options. Whether you're looking to cover funeral expenses, secure your home loan, or plan for retirement, consider Franklyn your comprehensive one-stop shop for all your insurance requirements.

Wide Product Range

Some insurance providers will only have access to a limited number of insurance carriers. Franklyn works with a broad range of insurance companies, offering you a variety of options. From funeral costs to home loan protection and retirement planning, consider it a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.

Diverse Expertise

Franklyn is well-versed in all types of life insurance. With a wealth of options at your disposal, Franklyn will guide you to find the insurance policy that best fits your unique requirements.

Deep Knowledge

With extensive experience in the field, Franklyn knows the intricacies of life insurance policies inside and out. Trust in Franklyn to help you discover the ideal match for your insurance needs.

Hassle-Free Experience

Navigating the world of life insurance can be complex, but not with Franklyn on your side. Offering a hassle-free experience, Franklyn simplifies your search by comparing multiple policies and clearly explaining their terms.

Customized Service

Franklyn believes in offering personalized solutions tailored to your specific goals and needs. Through a deep understanding of your overall situation, budget, and future aspirations, Franklyn partners with you to select a policy that both protects and empowers.

How Are Secure Retirement Account Rates Established?

Understanding the rate of return for this type of account can be a crucial factor when considering which product to go with. Typically, the rates are based on several factors, including the age of the account holder and the length of the payout period desired.

One of the main factors that determine rates is the

current interest rate environment. In general, rates tend to be higher when interest rates are higher since insurance companies can earn more on the deposits they receive from account holders.

Conversely, when interest rates are low, your account rates may be lower as well. Overall, the factors that determine your account rates can be complex, and it’s important to carefully consider all of the factors involved before making a decision.

How Do Secure Retirement Accounts Work?

To better understand these accounts, let’s look into their mechanics. Secure Retirement Accounts consist of two phases:

1) The accumulation phase

2) The distribution phase.

Accumulation Phase:

During the accumulation phase, you contribute funds to your account, which can be a lump sum or regular contributions. The insurance company invests these funds, allowing your money to grow over time.

One of the advantages of this type of account is its tax-deferred status, meaning you won’t owe taxes on the earnings until you start withdrawing the money.

Distribution Phase:

Once you reach the distribution phase, you have several options for receiving payments from your Secure Retirement Account. You can choose a fixed payment amount for a specific duration, opt for variable payments tied to market performance, or even select a lifetime income option that guarantees payments for as long as you live.

Who Should Buy a Secure Retirement Account?

These accounts come with unique features that make them an attractive option for retirement planning. They offer tax-deferred growth, meaning you don’t have to pay taxes on the earnings until you withdraw the money. Additionally, your Secure Retirement Account can be customized to suit your preferences, offering choices in payout options and even providing death benefits for your beneficiaries. Ultimately, the manner in which your account earnings will be taxed depends on the type of funds you use to purchase the account.

Key Elements of an Secure Retirement Account

  • Death Benefit: The total amount beneficiaries will receive upon the insured's death. 

  • Bonuses: Many Accounts offer a transfer bonus, with immediate crediting of up to 15% to your account.

  • Fees: Some accounts have NO FEES. This means that you won’t pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over your retirement.

  • Market Risk: When the market does go up, your account goes up, so you won’t miss out on future gains. If the Markey goes Down your Account will Never Loose Value.

  • Riders: You can take advantage of many Riders for Example - Life Time Income and Long time Care

Understanding The Types Of Secure Retirement Accounts

Multi-Year Guaranteed Account

Multi-Year Guaranteed Account rates (MYGA) are set for the length of your contract. Most accounts provide some liquidity, but not all, so that is something to keep in mind. Essentially, a multi-year guaranteed account is similar to a CD that is issued by an insurance company rather than a bank, which is why MYGA's are often referred to as a CD type of account. This guaranteed rate of return is a primary reason multi-year guaranteed accounts have become so popular among retirement savers.

Traditional Fixed Account

A traditional fixed account provides principal protection, offering a safe way to grow your savings without any market risk. Traditional fixed accounts do not guarantee a set interest rate for the entire length of the contract.

Typically, they provide a high first-year interest rate guarantee, and then the interest rate resets each year on the anniversary; the only guarantee is that the annual renewal rate will be above the stated minimum guaranteed rate.

Fixed Indexed Account

Fixed Indexed Accounts combine elements of both fixed and variable Accounts. They offer a minimum guaranteed interest rate, similar to fixed accounts, but also provide the potential for additional earnings based on the performance of a chosen market index.

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